July 25, 2024

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African Cuisine Vs. Western Cuisine [Infographic]


African Cuisines and Western Cuisines are very different from each other. This article will discuss the difference between these two cuisines, their similarities, and how they affect our health.

African Cuisine Vs. Western Cuisine

African cuisine is very diverse. It is influenced by the country’s colonial history, climate and geography and local ingredients.

African Cuisine Vs Western Cuisine:

  • African cuisine uses a lot of spices and herbs like ginger, garlic, onion etc. as compared to Western cuisine which uses salt as an ingredient in most dishes such as soups or stews etc..
  • African food is usually grilled or roasted over open fire unlike Western food which is cooked in ovens or microwaves most of the times with minimal spices added into it during cooking process so that flavor remains intact when you eat them later on after they are cooked (like adding pepper powder while boiling potatoes).

African Cuisines

African cuisine is very diverse and influenced by the many different cultures across Africa. African food tends to be made from local ingredients, so it can vary greatly depending on where you are in Africa. For example, a dish like Ugali (a thick porridge made of cornmeal) might be common in Kenya but not found at all in Nigeria or South Africa.

African food is usually eaten with your hands; spoons are rarely used because they’re seen as an unnecessary accessory for eating!

Western Cuisines

Western cuisine includes a wide variety of foods from all over the world. It’s also known as “international” food, because it has been influenced by different cultures and cuisines.

  • Meat: Western Cuisines have more meat than African Cuisines. Examples include beef, chicken, lamb and pork. This is because many people in Western countries eat meat at every meal or snack time (as opposed to only once a day).
  • Bread: The bread that you eat with your meals in a Western country might be made out of wheat flour instead of cornmeal or millet like you would find in an African country’s cuisine.
  • Vegetables: You may have heard that vegetables are good for you–and they are! But did you know that there are lots more kinds of vegetables out there than just carrots or potatoes? Some examples include kale (a type of cabbage), spinach (another kind o f cabbage) cucumbers zucchini squash peppers eggplant tomatoes onions leeks garlic scallions…etc… These kinds aren’t available everywhere though so if yours doesn’t sell them then don’t worry about it too much ­čÖé

The food in Africa is very different from the food in the West.

African cuisine is very different from western cuisine. The food in Africa is healthier and more flavorful than what you might find at your local fast food restaurant. With a wide range of options, there’s something for everyone!


The food in Africa is very different from the food in the West.