July 16, 2024

Mitchel Gilbeau

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1000 Faces of African Arts


Each country in Africa is different, with its own rich history and diverse culture. And each country has a unique way of expressing the world around us through art. Take a look at some of the many faces of African arts!


Ghana is a country in West Africa, and its capital city is Accra. Ghana is known for its vibrant and colorful textiles, which are hand-woven on traditional looms by women who often work from home. The national museum of Ghana can be found in Accra; it houses artifacts from all over Africa and also displays artworks created by Ghanaian artists today.

Ivory Coast

The Ivory Coast is a country in West Africa. It’s bordered by Liberia and Guinea to the northwest, Mali and Burkina Faso to the north, Ghana to the east and southeast, and the Gulf of Guinea to the south. The country has an area of 322000 km2 (124000 sq mi).

Cote d’Ivoire was known as the French Colony of Ivory Coast until independence in 1960; it has been known as Cote d’Ivoire since independence (or “CIV” for short).


The art scene in Kenya is a vibrant blend of traditional, contemporary and modern. Kenya’s artists are inspired by their history and culture to create pieces that connect with people on an emotional level.

Kenya’s culture has been influenced by its geographical location between East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, as well as its colonial past during which time many Europeans settled there. The country has been home to several civilizations over thousands of years including Bantu-speaking agriculturalists who migrated from central Africa around 1 A.D., Nilotic pastoralists who arrived around 1000 A.D., Arab traders who came after 1500 A..D..


  • The Senegalese are known for their artistry, music and dance.
  • They are also famous for their fashion sense.


The Zimbabwean art scene is thriving. The country has a rich history of arts and culture, and its contemporary artists are influenced by many different cultures. The art scene in Zimbabwe is very diverse; you can find art galleries all over the country showcasing work from all over Africa, as well as Zimbabwe itself.

Explore the many faces of African arts.

African art is a reflection of African culture and society. It is also an expression of spirituality, history and beliefs.

The diversity in African art has resulted from the continent’s vast size, which encompasses different climates and terrain; as well as its rich history and varied ethnicities.


As you can see, African arts are diverse and colorful. They reflect the rich culture of this continent, which has been influenced by many different people over time.